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Specialty Cakes

Sunflour confections provides specialty cakes for any occasion with custom
decorations and baked fresh with a variety of flavors. 
**Orders must be placed at least 3 days in advance.**  
**Prices vary depending on size and detail of cake.**  

Gallery of Decorated cakes and cookies available 

Decorating Party
This is a great idea for kids (girls and boys) parties, bridal showers
or ever a special girl's night.

each guest will get a mini cake to decorate one of two ways. 
**free style decorating
**Class format to learn a few basic decorating techniques

This type of party is great with a variety of themes or color schemes. 
your guests will also get to take their creation home as a party favor.

everyone has a blast. . . . which is why you're having the party, right?

Priced per person (includes supplies)

Birthday Celebration Program (BCP)

Details of program:
*Each employee will receive a personalized cake (or other options available) on their birthday or the day designated by the main contact
*Ordering can be per birthday or per year with contract which will set the price per birthday
*Delivery to office included
*Reminder call one week before delivery to confirm details
*Able to accommodate for allergies – gluten free, nuts, vegan, etc.
*Variety of options:
                -Cake with personalized design for each employee (exception: monthly celebrations)
                -Giant cookie (several flavors to choose from)
                -Birthday Breakfast with pastries, muffins, etc.
                -Edible Creations: Fruit or cookie bouquet (additional fee)
                -Strawberry Shortcake with chocolate covered strawberries (additional fee)
Add Ons:
*Birthday Card
*Plates, napkins, plastic utensils and/or server

Why choose a birthday celebration program?
Low employee morale can adversely affect your ability to attract and retain the best employees and have a detrimental effect on productivity, creativity, loyalty and the overall success of your business.  Even if low morale isn't a problem, being proactive in this area makes good business sense.  With today's economy, it's more important than ever to have a motivated workforce.  A motivated employee is a productive employee and a productive employee is a more profitable employee.  Positive and negative motivation can be used to increase productivity.  Typically positive motivators also increase morale while negative motivators usually decrease morale.

There are many morale builders available depending on your staff needs.  However, I think one of the most important ways to improve morale is personal recognition.  Some programs even include a prize reward with the recognition.  While this can work rather well for the employee that is recognized and will most likely even motivate other employees to improve in their own responsibilities you must be careful to stay consistent and fair.  Otherwise, it can have a de-motivating effect on your staff.  You want to make sure each employee feels rewarded, recognized and appreciated. 

A great place to start is with birthday celebrations because everyone has that in common.  A birthday celebration gives you big bang for your buck.  It's one of the most inexpensive ways to motivate your staff but it will go a long way with each person as an individual.  It's a reward and a motivator in one and also gives you a chance to say a special thank you for everything that employee does.  Birthdays are always more meaningful when there is someone else to share it.

----Always plan ahead. It wasn't raining when Noah built the ark.----

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